Medically Supervised
Weight Loss Program

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program for Men and Women

Lose 30 lbs in 40 days!!*

Join thousands of people who are enjoying their healthy bodies, looking better & feeling better!

The Clean Start Weight Loss Program is medically supervised and will change the way you lose weight and most importantly helps to keep it off!!

Clean Start Weight Loss Program benefits include:

  • Medically-Supervised Diet Program
  • Comprehensive lab testing and medical history
  • No Packaged Meals – Eat Real Food – This means you get to learn how to make smarter choices AND save money!
  • Prescription medications to promote weight loss
  • Increased Fat loss with “Fat Burning” lipotropic injections
  • Increased Energy–with Vitamin Injections
  • Long Term Weight Loss Success – Learn a new healthy lifestyle to maintain your weight loss Burns fat, not Muscle
  • Resets Your Metabolism
  • No Intense Exercise Needed

Look and feel your best in just weeks!

  • Reset your metabolism to normal range
  • Decrease Appetite and Boost Energy
  • Reduce craving & emotional eating
  • Eliminate stubborn fat especially around the abdomen, buttocks, upper thigh, neck and face
  • Health benefits - lowers BP, cholesterol and reduces risk of diabetes.
  • The Clean Start Weight Loss Program is an established, safe and very effective weight loss program, you will enjoy the long-lasting weight loss results. When you finish the program, you will be able to eat anything you like, but you will find you eat less and crave more healthy options.

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